M ss ng Persons- Cont nued


Seasons change.

Cars break down.

Milk expires.

These are facts of life. One more fact of life is-

People don’t disappear. Something happens to them.

This is the continuing story of a man who tries to piece together a series of vanishings. He starts from the last time they were seen and stops when he knows for sure that they will never be seen again.

———The Cont nue begins———

He rearranged the photos so they would be in chronological order. Under each photo was a card that had the last place the person was seen, the destination they never reached, and the date they went missing written in bold block lettering.

This was his process. He needed to simplify the chaos of so many cases into a timeline that flowed like blood through a vein. The facts were all he needed.

They were here-point X

They were headed there-point Z

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